Responsibility, Cultivating

Cultivating Indigenous
Value-based Leadership

Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Program is an Indigenous values-based movement to build community capacity and nurture leaders. Launched in 1993, the Ambassadors Program is designed to help early- to mid-career Native American professionals strengthen, within an Indigenous cultural context, their ability to improve the well-being and socio-economic growth of Native families and communities.
To learn more about AIO’s Ambassadors Program contact Brittany Schulman at or 505-842-8677.

Advancement of Maori Opportunity

AIO inspired a core group of young Maori leaders to adapt AIO’s Ambassadors
Program to fit the needs of the Maori
community in Aotearoa (New Zealand). They organized AIO’s sister organization,

Youth Ambassadors

Utilizing AIO’s curriculum and tailoring the Ambassador Program Model to meet the needs of Native youth and their communities, six model programs in four states, are currently in development. These model programs include key components of the Ambassadors Program, including reaffirmation of Indigenous values and cultural identity, resiliency, skill building through experiential learning, community organizing, racial healing, global perspectives, self-reflection, and group bonding. Each of these programs is led by an Alumnus of the program, nurtured by intergenerational Indigenous leaders.

Assembly of Native American Voices of ABQ

ANAV was created following a January 2016 Albuquerque Urban Indian Summit. Over 100 participants from all walks of life, including business, education, health and working families have joined together to establish a resource to support a vibrant urban Indian community. The mission of the Assembly of Native American Voices is to promote culture, fellowship and strengthen capacity among Indigenous peoples residing in the Albuquerque metropolitan area and the state of New Mexico.

Other Networks
Equal Voices Network
National Urban Indian Families Coalition

AIO nurtures the development of a new generation of Indigenous leaders through experiential learning activities and specialized curriculum that reaffirms Indigenous values and cultural identity and helps emerging community leaders weave these values into contemporary solutions that build sustainable systemic change,

-Laura Harris, AIO Executive Director.