About The AIO Ambassadors Program

Mission of the Ambassadors Program:

The purpose of the Ambassadors Program is to rekindle dormant visions, renew and energize the current leadership, and empower emerging leaders to create new avenues for Native Americans to express their culture values in all arenas of contemporary life.

The Program is an Indigenous community capacity-building, leadership development effort that AIO has been operating since 1993. The program is designed to help early to mid-career Native American professionals strengthen, within an Indigenous cultural context, their ability to improve the well-being and growth of their communities. The program works to reaffirm cultural values and identity, and helps emerging community leaders incorporate these values into solutions that build sustainable communities.

During the course of the program, Ambassadors meet and work with leading Native decision-makers and national policymakers, explore family and tribal histories, develop and implement a community-based project, explore personal “medicine” or inner strength, and strengthen communications skills. The structure and content of the Program are cyclical in nature: beginning locally, then nationally, then globally, then bringing the new knowledge back and integrating it into the community at the local level.  Ambassadors attend gatherings in two Native American communities and visit one Indigenous community outside the United States.